OQHA Scholarship

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Guidelines for OQHYA Scholarship

Members of the selection committee will consist of the OQHA Board of Directors and Officers.
1. Applications are available from the Youth Advisor.
2. Applicants must be a graduating senior in the year the scholarship is applied for.
3. The applicant must be a current OQHYA member in good standing. A member who has been active in the organization and contributed to welfare of the organization. The applicant should list personal achievements and contributions toward the betterment of OQHYA and OQHA.
4. The applicant should list extracurricular activities including, but not limited to, student government, 4-H, FFA, sports and community service.
5. The applicant should list any office held in organizations of which he/she has been a member.
6. The applicant should list any honors or awards received to date. (Horse related, school, athletic or extracurricular)
7. The applicant must either rank in the upper 30 percent (30%) of his/her high school graduating class or have completed a national college entrance exam and achieved a rank above the 70th percentile.
8. A transcript, showing the most recent cumulative grade point average, must accompany the application. Additional, updated transcripts may also be requested.
9. The applicant must have submitted in their behalf, at least two and not more than four letters of recommendation. Required letters include: One letter from an OQHA Director or OQHA youth advisor and one from their High School Principle, Teacher or Counselor. Additional sources could be President of OQHA, 4-H, FFA, Civic and Community leaders, etc.
1. The amount of funds available for scholarships in a given year will be determined by the OQHYA scholarship committee, prior to the annual meeting of the selection committee.
2. The number and amount of the scholarships to be awarded in any given year will be determined annually by the selection committee.
3. The amount awarded per recipient in any given year is not to exceed $1000.00.
4. Recipients will be notified as soon as reasonably possible after the selection committee meets.
5. If a recipient is awarded a scholarship but chooses not to attend school for a fall semester then he or she is dropped to an alternate status.
The deadline for applications will be June 1 of the year in which you wish to receive the scholarship.

OQHYA Scholarship Fund
C/O OQHA Secretary
PO Box 537
Newberg, OR 97132






AQHA Scholarship General Information

AQHA Scholarships-What Are They and Do You Qualify?


The Foundation provides financial assistance to members of the American Quarter Horse Association and or the American Quarter Horse Youth Association through general, racing, career path and state or regional scholarships.

Recipients are chosen by a selection subcommittee or taskforce as determined by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. All recipient recommendations made by the subcommittee are ultimately approved by the Board of Trustees. All scholarship disbursements are subject to the Foundation's Scholarship Program Policies & Procedures.

To find a detailed list of scholarships on the AQHA website: Go to AQHA.com, click the “Foundation” tab. A new page will come up listing each of the Foundation’s four programs. Under the section for “Scholarships”, click on “Program Outline”. For more information, please contact (806) 378-5029 or foundation@aqha.org.

Various scholarships are offered through the general program, which currently include scholarship opportunities for students to complete either their undergraduate or graduate level degree. All scholarship deadlines are December 1st.
AQHF Youth Scholarship
$8,000 four-year scholarship
Boon San Kitty Scholarship
Courtesy of the Walton Family Foundation
$7,500 four-year scholarship
Scoop Vessels Scholarship
$5,000 two-year scholarship
Rusty and Kay Moody Post-Graduate Scholarship
$5,000 two-year scholarship
AQHF General Scholarship
$4,000 two-year scholarship
Dogwood Scholarship
Courtesy of the Dogwood Foundation
$4,000 two-year scholarship

Additional AQHA Scholarships
AQHF Racing Scholarship
$4,000 or $8,000 scholarship
Arizona Quarter Racing Scholarship
$500 one-year scholarship


Many fields of employment are tied either directly or indirectly to the horse industry.
Excellence in Equine & Agricultural Involvement Scholarship
Courtesy of the Charles B. Wang Foundation
$25,000 four-year scholarship
Farm & Ranch Heritage Scholarship
Courtesy of the Charles B. Wang Foundation
$12,500 four-year scholarship
Margaret A. Haines Telephony Scholarship
$10,000 one-year scholarship
EAAT Hippotherapy Scholarship
Courtesy of the Carl and Caroline Swanson Foundation
$10,000 two-year scholarship
Journalism or Communications Scholarship
$8,000 four-year scholarship
Jay Pumphrey Animal Sciences Scholarship
$6,000 four-year scholarship
Guy Stoops Professional Horsemen's Family Scholarship
$3,000 two-year scholarship