OQHA Awards Program for Recreational Riders


OQHA Horseback Riding Hours Year-end Awards

OQHA is excited to offer a new year-end awards program for AQHA horseback riding registered members. Top 5 awards will be offered in 2017!!


The awards will be as follows:

1st – Custom buckle
2nd –Water proof jacket
3rd – Turn out horse blanket
4th – Directors chair
5th – Leather Halter

High Point Oregon Bred Horse
All awards will be embroidered or monogrammed.


To be eligibility rules for the awards:
1. Must be an OQHA member by June 1 of current year.
2. Must be an AQHA member and registered with the AQHA horseback riding program.
Awards will be given based on hours logged with AQHA’s horseback riding program plus any bonus points.
3. Top 5 awards will be given.

For more information about the awards program, please contact:

Linda Preble
Email: spinagainllee@aol.com or office@oregon-qha.com
971-404-6296 cell 

503-537-9845  OQHA office



2016 OQHA Recreational Ride Award Winners

Congratulations to the following recreational riders!!


2016 OQHA High Point Recreational Rider  -  Arielle Brown

2016 OQHA Reserve High Point Recreational Rider  - Brooke Birchard

2016 OQHA 3rd Place Recreational Rider -  Barbara Ewing

2016 OQHA 4th Place Recreational Rider - Linda Preble

2016 OQHA 5th Place Recreational Rider - Rochelle Kishpaugh


Make sure to join OQHA and be eligible for 2017 awards!