Legislative Updates

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To stay on top of what's happening with legislation, you can subscribe to govdelivery, which allows you to choose various committees, legislators and other alerts that you would like to receive. If you subscribe and ask to receive alerts from the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, you'll be able to check their agendas and watch for senate bills to come up that effect the horse community.


Make use of the legislative website at www.leg.state.or.us. If you look under the Bills tab, you'll find copies of the bills and, as they are amended, copies of the amended bills. You'll find staff measure summaries - an important tool for both legislators and the public to quickly grasp the meaning and effect of a bill - along with financial impact statements. Most importantly, you can find the measure history at http://www.leg.state.or.us/11reg/pubs/senmh.html. All the Senate bills are listed in one long document, so you'll have to scroll down to see the senate bills or use Ctrl-F to find the bill number. The measure history contains a list of all the actions that have taken place on a given bill and the date of that action. You can find out about any votes that have taken place and learn the location of the bill - which is critical if it progresses at all.