OQHA Amateur Division

The Oregon Amateur Division is a loosely knit organization of Amateurs who support and recognize one another throughout the year.

Amateur Division Goals

To meet other amateurs who have an interest in the American Quarter Horse.

To encourage, recognize, motivate, and inspire amateurs at all levels to compete and be the best that they can be.

Amateur Year End Awards

Year end awards will be given in some form to amateur members who have accrued the most points in individual classes in the three divisions, Amateur, Select and Novice Amateur. The Year End High Point AWARDS will be governed and funded by OQHA. Please read the OQHAD By-laws for further information.

How Do I become a Member?

You must hold a current OQHA membership and be in good standing and You must PAY Annual Amateur Division Membership Dues of $20 by April 1st of the current year to be eligible for OQHAD year end awards.  An Amateur must complete 4 hours of volunteer service to be eligible for an Amateur Top 5 Awards.

If you have questions, please contact:

Sabrina Janzen  (541) 315-1489  reining4me@gmail.com 

Come join us and have some fun!